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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
Can someone please asplains this yinzer obsession with wrestling to me? I mean as a kid I enjoyed snappin' into a Slim Jim with Macho Man and the Lovely Elizabeth as much as the next person (well, maybe not as much as the next person but I did enjoy a good phony wrestling match from time to time)... but as an adult... I don't see it.

If you're not putting the Macho Man in there (Jim Duggan was all good, Hulskster became too commercial with his own dumbass reality show), I can't see the point.


I only tune in a few times a year now, but watch the old school stuff all the time. 87-92 is just great entertainment. Attitude era was good as well, but gets heavily overrated due to where the product went directly after that.

Absolutely nothing wrong with watching it and people that dump on it are hypocritical if they enjoy any sports film or television show. Rocky was scripted to beat Apollo Creed in Rocky 2, you know.

As far as GDT's go, I started on a Survivor Series template over a year ago...the lockout killed that for this year. Might use it for the playoffs, it's going to be gold.

And sorry cole, I haven't seen anything as awesome as the pac man and F13 gdt's from last year.

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