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04-05-2013, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Perfect_Drug View Post
I moved away from Edmonton in 96, and I've lived in Vancouver, LA, and now Montreal.

By comparison you have to remember that Edmonton is a very small town. IMHO it is VERY similar to Ottawa in terms of ammenities, and lifestyle.
I don't think this is entirely accurate but I agree Edmonton is fairly comparable to Ottawa. Edmonton has a blue collar culture but there are some great festivals as mentioned and a great food experience. I've spent various amounts of time in almost every major Canadian city from Vancouver to Montreal in the past year and spent a bit of time in the states. In terms of food, other than Montreal and with an exception on the sushi in Vancouver, Edmonton is pretty comparable in quality and variety. There's something for everyone and all sorts of price ranges. Good mix of chains and a lot of local fare.

Edmonton isn't the easiest place to meet people and the weather keeps some folks in doors during the winter. It's also pretty much the definition of urban sprawl so it's pretty much exclusively a car city (hopefully that is changing). The downtown is definitely not as touristy as Toronto and doesn't really have the same level of foot traffic you would see there, but I'd say it's very walkable. Same with Whyte avenue. That's really the core of Edmonton, along the river valley with the University.

Some of the downsides of urban sprawl like that come up though. There are lots of cookie cutter shopping centres and complexes. Edmonton is probably the capital of empty lots worldwide. West Edmonton mall is great, and probably one of the few largely touristy areas you'll encounter in Edmonton. Quite a bit of repetitive stores though and stuff you can get else where in the city.

Some of the positives are the great golf courses, most per capita outside of Phoenix in North America (I think?). Great summer, long days = great patio/bbq experience. River valley is a must. And we're close to the mountains.

Just remember, Edmonton is a hockey town first so come with an open mind and you will meet some very knowledgable minds (though they remain absent for the most part from this website). Oh and not all of us are Leaf haters.

I'll probably be moving back to Edmonton over the summer from Ontario myself, so good luck!

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