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04-05-2013, 05:20 PM
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Still no assassinations of the other two teams of this division, so I'll have at one of those too.

Head Coach: Jacques Demers
Brendan Shanahan-Max Bentley-Dany Heatley
Daniel Sedin-Vladimir Petrov-Claude Lemieux
Bob Gainey [C]-Guy Carbonneau [A]-Bobby Schmautz
Simon Gagne-Andy Hebenton-Bengt-Åke Gustafsson

Viacheslav Fetisov [A]-Paul Reinhart
Gary Suter-Ken Morrow
Ulf Samuelsson-James Patrick

Glenn Hall
Vladimir Dzurilla

The first line is a weird mix of size outside and speed inside, and it suffers the same problem that my Barber-Lalonde-Lanny line will suffer; Max Bentley is arguably your best offensive player, but he'll be required to be his own playmaker, and he's not nearly the player Newsy Lalonde is. Shanahan can do some of the dirty work, but I've always considered him a front-of-the-net finisher type, and Heatley is almost purely a sniper. He was a decent playmaker in his era, but was never renown for it. Petrov is a strong 2C, and that line looks solid at a good, slow, grinding style of offense, but I don't know if Lemieux really belongs there. I would love that line with Heatley as your 2R and someone with more two-way skills as your 1R (not that there's really anything you can do about that now. Third line has arguably the two best defensive forwards to ever play the game, so it'll be good ... the only shortcoming is that they could maybe use some size.

The defense has lots of offensive ability, which is strange because your top 6 forwards are so middle-of-the-road. What made Fetisov so good was his skating and his ability on the puck; you can get away with a Paul Reinhart-quality defenseman in your first pairing with Fetisov, but it can't be Paul Reinhart ... a dumpy fire hydrant type (Craig Ludwig, Leo Boivin) would at least be able to do his thing while Fetisov played with the puck. By putting Reinhart and Fetisov together, you're taking the puck / taking "creative time" away from Fetisov to give it to Reinhart, and that strikes me as a very poor use of Fetisov. I like both guys in the second pairing, but the rest of your defense is just OK. Glenn Hall is a monster and he will probably need to be behind that defense, and Dzurilla is a good backup.

Confused about your special teams philosophy ... to put Fetisov on your 2PP suggests you're trying to build to balanced units, but you've got your 3 best penalty killers (Gainey, Carbonneau, Fetisov) paired on one unit. Might be well served to split them up somehow so that your 2nd PK unit wasn't so "meh."

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