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Originally Posted by HuskerTornado View Post
Absolutely nothing wrong with watching it and people that dump on it are hypocritical if they enjoy any sports film or television show.
I don't know, Professional Wrestling is a bit distinct, though. As you see in The Wrestler, whether it's scripted or not, these guys get beat up worse than even a lot of hockey players. So in a very direct sense, they're hurting each other for our amusement. Sure, you can say that happens in hockey all the time, but in hockey it's a means to justify an end -- and the end is winning the Stanley Cup. Or more generally, it's about competing. And pro wrestling doesn't really have that, since guys are told when and how to win/lose. In a sense, it has all the negatives that go along with playing a brutal sport, without the essences of compelling sports -- competition, skill, the drive to win, and the pursuit of greatness.

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