Thread: Pre-Game Talk: 2013 NHL Entry Draft Talk II
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04-05-2013, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
Trying to predict who might fall is fairly hard to do. I'll put the players in 3 groups.

I'm not trying to predict who will fall so much as recognizing clear fallers. I listed the top 20 prospects that "should" go in the top 20 based on ability alone. For example, if we see Petan drop below the 20 threshold, we know that an inferior player was taken in his spot somewhere, which increases the chances of getting value in the 20-30 range.

Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post
I'd swap Domi and Petan in your listings.

Probably drop Hagg out.

As per your own scouting, you feel Domi is a better prospect than Petan? And Hagg is not a top20 prospect?

I think you have 3 guys in your 2nd group that to me aren't locks to go there - Nicushkin, Wennberg, and Ristolainen are not top 10 locks, I could see at least one getting into the 20's...maybe not with the amount of teams with multiple picks.

Otherwise I think you're top 20 is pretty good (other than Tiranis' suggestion to have Gauthier there instead of Horvat). Makes sense though, if any of those guys falls to us, it's a pretty safe no brainer (or at the very least teams should be calling to trade up, you'd think).

The top20 picks aren't really ordered. I just wanted to group the best 20 prospects per our own eye. If that makes sense. Do you feel Gauthier is better than Horvat as a prospect?

I also hope the bolded are picked before we draft...maybe not Domi, but again, I'm probably biased against him by name association He's a talented player though, definite Marty St Louis caliber skillset.

I like Lazar, but I'm pretty biased here, I've liked him for 3.5 years since the Canada winter games.

Domi and Petan have higher upside, but I like the package you get from Lazar...more of a sure thing, with decently high upside as well.

The bolded sentence there is why I'm doing this. It's to recognize at the draft that if any of the players on the 20-45 list are taken in the top20, we know that there is a quality faller.

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