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04-05-2013, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Matty View Post
So...what would Philly give if Bryz was coming our way?

Not that Gillis would necessarily get the green light on this but that could be a very interesting deal.
Ya, I don't know... but, it opens up a lot of potential options...

This might be "pie in the sky" (I'm thinking out loud)... but could the following work? If the Canucks could swing the following... I think Gillis could get the green light:

To Van: Lecavalier + 1st (4th?)
To TB: Luongo + 1st (22nd?)

Vancouver buys out Lecavalier... Then as an UFA, Lecavalier re-signs with TB at whatever contract they agree to (I imagine real low, and I imagine there is little risk for Lecavalier to sign elsewhere as a UFA)...


To FLA: 1st (4th?) + ?
To Van: 1st (2nd? 1st?)

Would Aquilini forgive Gillis if Gillis got MacKinnon or Jones out of this? Would the fans? I think so...

The thing is, would Luongo + 1st (22nd?), solving TB's goaltending for years, and solving the Lecavalier dilemma forever (without TB having to let go of or buy out Vinny, be enough to get the 4th? When else would TB have such an opportunity to jump on this? And, TB still drafts a quality prospect with the 1st rounder... Yes, it's a large investment in Luongo, but if Luongo retires early, the Canucks share in the cap penalty going forward... It's a much better situation than TB is currently in, without doing all this, IMO... Yes, with the 4th, TB would draft a real strong A prospect, but they'd still have that Lecavalier dilemma... and they'd still have a real big goaltending issue...

If and once the Canucks can get the 4th, then I think it's smooth sailing getting the #2 or #1 from Florida...

And, Luongo is happy...

But, just thinking out loud... It's unchartered territory once Gillis adds taking a contract back (and/or salary retention) into the equation...

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