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Originally Posted by Pi View Post
Yes, but he allowed Fowler to make a lot of mistakes. I don't think Fowler was ever scratched and if he was, it wasn't for more than a game.

Fowler was in the region of -50 in his first two years. It's a bad stat to use but if you're -50, clearly the other team is taking advantage of you.
But, in 2010 when they made the playoffs, Fowler was with the team right from camp and didn't have to be sent to the AHL to get back into playing shape. So, the team was clearly playoff-bound even with Fowler's rookie mistakes.

In 2011, the team was clearly out of the playoffs so allowing Fowler to grow and learn while on the ice didn't have an impact on their playoff chances. Different situations.

If, Gardiner wasn't waiver-eligible, he would be on the Marlies right now continuing to develop.

And again, it has only been 3 games where Gardiner has been healthy scratched. That is nothing in the long-run. Also, to the guy who said Gardiner won't re-sign with us as UFA over these last 3 games, that is just absurd. Do you hold a grudge with your boss due to a week-long incident from 5 years ago?

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