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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
in the end, bridge contract or not, Habs will spend to the Cap... so how are they going to spend MORE ? tell me, please...
They will spend more on one player and subsequently have less for another. Are you joking with him or did you really not understand his explanation? I'm not sure everyone in this discussion is on the same page.

Spending to the cap is going to happen, but spending to the cap with Subban signed on his bridge deal at 2.875 means that when this contract is done he will be getting close to a 250% raise (about 7.2 M a year). So that means the Habs need to find close to 5 M in cap space to get him under the cap. Some will say getting rid of Kaberle, etc... But what if he was making 5.75 for the next 6 years? We would have the cap space this year to handle it. Next year the Habs have a Norris Trophy Candidate with a strong possibility to win it, at 5.75 which allows you extra room to fill in other holes since you have the reigning best D in the league at a 5.75 bargain. And the wonderful thing is, he is paid like a star, earning 6.5, 7 and 7.5 M in year 4 to 6 of the deal.

The future is now and taking the risk on Subban was the best option. Again this risk is not for every player coming out of their ELC.

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