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04-05-2013, 06:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
WTK. You know that this wasn't true. Everyboyd had him around where he was picked. Leblanc at 17 was the Lancers' leading scorer ahead of our own Kristo who was 18. Yes.....just 1 point. Leading scorer anyway....BUt he was penciled from 18 to 22. Yes, most probably did it just to be sure that they were going to be right. That the Habs would be picking a local. Yet, usually those "experts" don't have the Habs always taking the local so he had to have been a logical choice around that pick to be picked by us.
Yeah, I exaggerated.. but that's where I would have picked him. Not that there was a lot available around where he was selected. I wanted Kreider or Josefson. Both aren't lighting up the NHL as it is but they've shown some solid signs. I think Leblanc will end up being trade bait into another organization. I didn't want him but I knew he would be our selection.. Hoped he'd prove me wrong but he hasnt.

Originally Posted by cphabs View Post
LOL Really? 13th overall/CENTER in 2009... Any guess where he played his minutes as? It was not center and to this day is not. Trade the kid already is all I am saying. We stooged him and Lefbreve(sp) has no clue
Because he's not a center. A lot of players are drafted out of junior as centers then switched to the wing. Leblanc does not have the physical attributes to be a center much less the vision required.

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