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Originally Posted by CrAzYNiNe View Post
I'm sorry but I can't agree with your logic. By having a lower cap hit on a Subban contract helps let the Habs afford other players if they require a significant raise. For simple explanation, a team is made up of two player and the cap is 12 M. If one player makes 6, the other can now make 6, but if one player makes 7, he may be just as good if he made 6, but he takes up 7. Now when you are looking for a player to fill that whole, you have to sign a player for 5. I know my explanation sounds absurdly simple and redundent, but I don't understand where you lose sight that having Subban on a long term deal will help the Habs in the future. In 2 years, the only Habs defensemen under contract is Gorges. Which means that they will sign Subban to 7+ M a year, and will have 1.5 M less than they could of had if he signed for 5.5 M. Like you said, the money will be spent to the cap, but how it is distributed is so very important.
by making PK play trough a bridge contract they guarantee themselves (in theory at least) that our other youngsters such as Beaulieu, Patteryn, Tinordi WILL accept lower salaries for a few years as it will be their bridge contract... and since at least one of them will play on our top 6 by then, it's a good thing.

what do you do if Beaulieu turn out as good as Subban, sign him for 5.5 in two years ? I mean, he'll have the right to ask for it as a precedent would have been set...

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