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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
by making PK play trough a bridge contract they guarantee themselves (in theory at least) that our other youngsters such as Beaulieu, Patteryn, Tinordi WILL accept lower salaries for a few years as it will be their bridge contract... and since at least one of them will play on our top 6 by then, it's a good thing.

what do you do if Beaulieu turn out as good as Subban, sign him for 5.5 in two years ? I mean, he'll have the right to ask for it as a precedent would have been set...
Why do other players need Subban to have a bridge contract for them to have one? Subban is one of a kind! If they can produce Norris like numbers, be our most responsible player defensively, than yes they deserve a contract similar to his, but don't kid yourself, this really isn't a possibility. None of them are even close to Subban and they are of similar age. You have to play like Subban to compare yourself to his contract.

Beaulieu hasn't shown the progress Subban has. Without a doubt, he will not be as good as Subban, as fast. The guy is a Norris candidate for christ sake. You think the Habs franchise are going to spit out Norris candidates because Subban is? Come on...

Enough with the "what if" that come out of no where. Subban has played to a high caliber and thinking he will get better was rational. Thinking that one of the D you mention is going to come in and take the league by storm, when not even taking the AHL by storm is irrational.

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