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Originally Posted by CrAzYNiNe View Post
OK, I like this better, I can see where you are going.

To be honest, that would be fantastic for the Habs. If he is similar to PK, the drive is there, the play is there, absolutely give him a long term deal. Obviously we are talking about the best and most amazing scenario here.

I am not afraid to give long term deals out of ELC to players who can prove they want to win and play like that. The reality is we haven't had a player come up like Subban since Koivu.

Within 3 years of being drafted, Subban made an impact in the NHL in the playoffs against Crosby. That is when it started for me and I knew he was going to be special. Koivu was a dominant player for the Habs, 4 years after being drafted. How many players have made an impact to the habs so quickly after being drafted and to the extent of Subban and Koivu?

It took Plekanec 6 years to make it, and on his 7th he was one of our leading scorers. Who else? Andrei Kostitsyn? 5 years to be up decent numbers, not great numbers like Koivu and even Plekanec, but at an older age. Price and Pacioretty do not comapre.

If Beaulieu is another 1 in 20 years type of player, as you alluded to in effort to make a point, yes sign him to a long term deal. ONLY if he is a 1 in 20 years type of player like Koivu and Subban.

The Habs franchise would be so lucky.
it STARTS with P.K., you give him long term, others will want long term. maybe not the same money or term but they will ask for it.

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