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04-05-2013, 08:36 PM
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Originally Posted by WeekendAtBernies View Post
As far as whether or not he should be given a hard time going forward, I'm conflicted; probably because I've seen the justice system fail time and time again. If someone walks on a technicality, should they be let off free and clear by the media and the public? What about someone like Casey Anthony? It's a complex question. In the case of your friend (or any other where the victim comes forward and admits it was a lie) then that's significantly different than a case where the victim still claims something happened but there's not enough physical or circumstantial evidence to prove it.
I hope you're not saying Cousins walked on a technicality. I would also venture to say your justice system "fails" in a very very very small percentage of cases, but it is of course perceived as doing so in the lay public. Seriously, who are you or anyone else here, for that matter, to judge Cousins? We don't know **** about what happened.

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