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04-05-2013, 09:01 PM
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Originally Posted by WeekendAtBernies View Post
It's dumb to continue debating this, but it's also dumb (and dangerous) to let comments like these go without raising an eyebrow.

It's 100% wrong to even suggest that she was faking it when you have no knowledge of the case. The amount of false accusations that actually occur is a lot lower than you might think. In order to accuse someone of **** and pursue charges, the victim needs to be willing to show their face in a crowded courtroom and admit in front of all those people that he/she was *****. They then need to be willing to be grilled by opposing attorneys, called all kinds of names (one that rhymes with "mutt"), have their past dug into (especially when you accuse someone of means like an OHL star / NHL draft pick).

My point is, it's downright irresponsible and shameful behavior to even insinuate that a victim might've made the whole thing up because she didn't want to admit she was willingly with 3 guys after getting tipsy at a party. The stuff a **** victim has to go through after making an accusation is far worse than the "shame" of admitting to friends/family that you willingly slept with a guy or guys.

I highly doubt the prosecution would've taken this case this far if it were totally without merit. Unfortunately, there was a lack of evidence (which is why the case was dismissed), so we'll never truly know what happens.

But personally, I think Cousins got off lightly. And I'll be "happy" for him so long as he uses this second chance for good and never puts himself in a similar situation again, but I'll never "support" Cousins by basically insinuating that the victim was a liar. That's just wrong.
For the judge to drop the charges before there was even a trial, makes me think she didnt even want to hear the victims story. Maybe law works different in Canada. Im not saying the victim lied, I tend to think she probably did not like what happened, but wether it was forced or just regret, I guess no one will ever know.

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