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04-05-2013, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Rangerfans View Post
When you play the game. You see the game differently. Yes. Your objectivity is a lot different if you play the sport.

Right now, I feel that Boyle -- and the entire Ranger team -- this season, is cut into two halves.

The first half: before the trade deadline.

The second half: after the trade deadline.

The "moment" we made that trade, I felt pretty good about it. What we did these two games (yes, only two games) is night/day different than how this team has played in-general for the first half of the season.

For the first time, I feel we have grit. We are starting to have an identity.

Last season the entire league considered us a gritty, blue-collar team.

If I asked you to describe this team before the trade-deadline, could you even categorize them?

But I am digressing...

I want you to "try" to look at Boyle objectively these past two games. He has played very well. He is meshing with his new linemates, and the team - finally - is starting to have an identity.
I'm sorry, at the end of the day, I'm still ****ing disgusted with Boyle because none of his 2 goals were shots where he beat the goalie. Both of them coming off of deflections.

If it were Stepan, Nash, Cally, Clowe, McD, - hell, even Kreider - I'm ending up giving props to Fleury. Boyle has shown nothing this season with his shooting prowess. I'd throw him a bone if it was some kind of crazy save that hit the knob of the stick or he had Fleury dead to rights and Fleury managed to get the stick or legs to block the shot, or there were Penguin players in the crease.

I feel the same way with DZ whenever he goes to shoot the puck. Chances are high that the shot will indeed end up high and wide, but he still banked 3 on his own.

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