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Originally Posted by GirouxGiroux View Post
Retaliation for clean hits =/= standing up for your teammate.

Are you suggesting that after Giroux leveled Crosby in the playoffs, someone from the Penguins should have jumped him? Just because it's a big hit and Crosby is a star?
What about shoving/face washing/elbows around the goalie after a frozen puck? Think that stops people from crashing the net? Cross checks/slashing to the back/legs when a player in is in the slot? Does that stop a player from going there? Hell let us not stop there - teaching players to hit hard to cause, *ahem* alligator arms in the NFL? Teaching players to jam as hard as possible the first few plays to get the receiver off his rhythm? Hard fouls in basketball being thought of by some as game changers? In F1 diving into a turn you know you cant pass, possibly almost causing wrecks, just to get under the skin of the driver in front while pissing off tons of fans?

Like or not, these things DO work and are taught to athletes non stop from when they were kids. They might work one time out of a hundred but, they do it. I'm sure there has been a player who maybe had a lower body injury who was thinking of playing a physical game but thought he would jack up his injury or something along those lines when he had to deal with the retaliation. Or a player wanting to be physical but knowing he'd have to fight and therefor be out of the game for 5 minutes, not wanting that. Like a said , one out of a hundred chance.

But I too long for a game that is not stopped an extra 5 minutes every 10 seconds due to scrums around the net for no reason than another player doing his job crashing it. I too would love all the borderline **** that gets allowed to players in the slot be called.

And before the usual "Players don't think that much" - I'm not saying players are like "oh time for a hit,ohhh wait nvm!". It's something they probably think about in between shifts, etc. Also instincts can kick in - Bryz is a testament to that. Imagine if Bryz just had the **** beat out of him, his reaction to a puck coming at his head could have even been worse! Haha. Like it or not, the NHL owners/coaches loveeeeeeee the meta in meta in meta game of gaming your opponents on all sorts of levels. I personally hate it. But it is what it is.

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