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Originally Posted by BigT2002 View Post
1. We have a better record when Prosser is playing. Think Russo said we have only lost 4 games when he's on D. And why would it break up the top line? It hasn't before unless Yeo has gotten desperate and split them in hopes of bringing the level of D up a notch....which it never does.

2. Totally disagree with that. Put Gilbert/Falk and Spurgeon/Clark and I think we upgraded hand over fist than when Stoner is out there.

3. He was terrible at the start of the year. At least Falk has shown some more sense on the ice. I watch the D with a critical eyes over any other position because like many, I knew it would be our weak spot. Stoner has been the worst one we've had out there this year.

1. Talon already covered it, but for the guys that still cant get it through their heads. Right handed Dmen hardly ever play the left side, it just doesnt happen. Unless you move Brodin apart from Suter, only 2 of Spurgeon, Gilbert, Prosser can play.

2. What Dman was it that got caught deep on the first kings goal? Who was it that allowed the pass right through him on the 2nd one?
Clark brings some things that Stoner cant, and I wouldnt be against him playing over Stoner right now, but like I said I dont see a clear upgrade.

3. If you were watching the D closely at the beginning of the year, and didnt think that Stoner was outplaying guys like Falk, Prosser, and Spurgeon, then I just dont know what to say.

edit- As for the record with Prosser playing. How many of those games that Prosser won for us were games that Prosser played for Stoner?

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