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04-06-2013, 12:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Xoggz22 View Post
I've seen it posted a few times that the Rangers moved Gaborik and it helped immensely with their "cap" situation (I'm paraphrasing). I'm having a tough time following that logic. In the deal, they saved $1.7MM in cap money which is the equivalent to one(1) 3rd line player or possibly an entry level contract cap hit. I must be missing something. They have 17 players signed next year and approximately $14MM in cap space ($2.8MM/player if they sign 5 guys)

I guess adding the 3 NHL players to one eliminates the need to sign more players in the off season but if they truly want to re-sign Clowe (UFA), Stepan, Hagelin, Zuccarello and McDonagh(all RFA), they're going to need every penny of that just to fit them all in next year.

The following year they have to deal with Brassard, Moore, Callahan, Lundquist, Del Zotto, Girardi and Stralman(probably let go). There are other UFA's to come off the books but if they were to re-sign the 5 players from this year that leaves them at likely $35MM for 10 players and some big talent to sign. Rangers have some work to do in the next two years. Granted they appear to have a lot of solid assets that could return some picks and players that are likely cheaper....

Just find it interesting that Gaborik appears to be the cap linchpin for some fans and I just don't see it given their roster set up.... Oh well, not for me to worry about. Trade works both ways and I'm only worried about Gabo"Brick" going forward.
I'm still flashing back to last summer when many Rangers fans were adamant that they didn't want Nash because of cap issues.

I know I and others frequently countered that they could always turn around and make other moves down the road like, say, trading Gaborik. It was scoffed at. What a difference 9 or so months make.

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