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Originally Posted by seekritdude View Post
larionov in 94-96 is better than 94-96 zhamnov.
Not only is that false, Fedorov wasn't even a teammate of Larionov's until 1995-96, and played only part of that season with him.

Again I think fedorov is better than selanne but the whole selanne plays with better teammates is a insulting argument towards him. And really ridiculous. Maybe he was allowed more freedom, and allowed to run and gun more then the other. So perhaps his stats are padded in that sense. But better linemates etc? No way.
Selanne absolutely had better linemates. Do you know who the media considered as the league's best forward going forward when Lemieux retired in 1997? Paul Kariya.

Originally Posted by KingForsberg View Post
A 2002 Yzerman is every bit as good as Zhamnov was in 94-96. Especially defensively. Shanahan was also better as well.
Zhamnov was a 2nd-team all-star and one of the ten best forwards in the league in 94-95, and his season the next year was not much below that level. I'd rank Yzerman close maybe, but Shanahan no way.

Is that all you have to argue is line mates? Selanne was a first line winger of course he'll play with good players. He also faced other teams top defensive pairs and shut down forwards. If Fedorov was the top center on his team maybe he'd get to play with better players. But he wasn't so he didnt face top defensive pairs.
He also played a primarily defensive game. And linemates do matter. If a shooter like Selanne is playing with a highly skilled playmaker like Kariya, Housley, or Zhamnov; that's likely to improve his output over what it would be if he were stuck playing with a couple of third line grinders.

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