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Originally Posted by Luvtowatch View Post
Bulls first 4 really didn't have a chance this year, except for Petti , and have lots of potential.
You have 4 young forwards and 1 young D that have gained little experience this year but that will hopefully get developed next year as the cupboard is somewhat bare as far as # of Draft picks. Besides, 1st year Draft picks are not gonna help you win games as their job is to get acclimatized to the league and start to develop.

As for Draft pick my guess would be a couple on Defense for sure and a high pick goalie. You're losing Cardwell and Silas on D right off the hop and maybe Austin! That's going to be near impossible to replace immediately and George will never go with more than two young totally inexperienced D (especially with Malcolm gone). Expect one, maybe two OA's to be shopped for another experienced D so the top 4 will all have experience and DeSousa and 1st round D will be #5 and #6. #7 will be someone from Tier II.

On forward you will have Quine, Gaunce, Brassard, Zharkov, Curtis, Simmonds, Sandlak, Hooey, Berisha, Petti, M. Camarossa, Heffernan,Draft pick, N. Coric and/or Pandachuk.

Trade deadline one OA forward gets traded for someone younger or a Draft pick or two back. The only varation would be if Graovac was told to stay as an OA by the Wild OR if Quine signs and they take him up. Other change would be if Austin stays as an OA but I've heard Sabres are very high on him since he is SUCH a big boy he'd easily compete at the AHL level physically.

Overall that's what's gonna happen IMHO and it looks like George won't be hurting as bad as some think and will have young guys continuing to develop and restock the cupboards as Vets move on.

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