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04-06-2013, 12:50 AM
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I gotta stop going to games. I don't go to many, but I swear the Pirates haven't won a game I've gone to since about 2007...and haven't scored more than 3 runs in any of those games. I'm contemplating sitting tomorrow's game out just because I want to see the Pirates actually win a game while being in the same city as I'm in for once...also I have something else going on that I should go to anyway.

In my lifetime I think the Pirates have had more than 6 runs in a game I've gone to once...and that was against a team that doesn't exist anymore.

Every time I see the Pirates in person that percolator starts inside me. When I watch this team on TV I always keep a calm and fairly upbeat attitude about things, but when I see them in person I turn as jaded as, well, Jaded-fan and I do have to fuse is getting low. As of right now the Pirates 2nd best hitter is Clint Barmes...who is 2 for 9. McCutchen and Barmes are the only hitters on this team with a batting average above .167 right now...and not even McCutchen is going to get glowing praise from me because he has the green light to call his own steals...and he tried to steal 2nd in the 8th inning of a 3 run game. That's inexcusable. I know he's feeling the speed thing right now, but that's not only needlessly risky, it accomplishes nothing if you succeed when the tying run is still on ****ing deck.

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