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Originally Posted by Ambassador Of Fun View Post
He plays for the Angels so f 'em, but he is 100% right about it not being a baseball town. And the worst thing to say about a professional athlete is that he quit on his team. Josh didn't quit on the Rangers, he's just Josh. And to be the biggest part of the Rangers rise in popularity over the past 3 year just to have your fans start booing you in the last two weeks that you are here (in the midst of a 43hr, 128rbi season), I understand how he could get so bitter so quickly.

That said, it being louder there today than any other game is the ludicrous. Beating the Yankees in game 6 has that beat no question.
He's right about it not being a "baseball town", but I think that actually hurts his argument here. A "baseball town" would have crucified his off-the-field meltdowns and his on-the-field lackadaisical play. Seriously, the New York, Boston or Chicago media and fans would have butchered him for his ******** years before it wore thin in DFW. If he thinks the boos raining down from his half-assed at-bats towards the end of his tenure in Arlington were bad, I shudder to think how he would react to a bunch of Yankee fans turning on him.

The fact is, the Rangers took a chance on Josh and gave him an amazing amount of support, both on and off the field. Yes, Josh delivered on that to the tune of some amazing baseball and he helped lead a perennial joke of a franchise out of the wilderness and almost into the promised land. And because of that, I was perfectly willing to let his disappointing final half-season for the Rangers slide.

However, even if he was upset about the fans turning on him, it costs him exactly nothing to just throw out a "I appreciate what the Rangers organization and fans did for me. I'm sorry about the way it ended, but now I'm excited and focused on helping my new team" and move on (and given his fragile psyche, I think moving on would be the best thing for him since he's risking getting completely bogged down on silly off-the-field things here). But nope, Josh has to be the smartest guy in the room and completely right about all baseball things ever.

Screw that guy. I hope his batting average stays below the BAC he blows this year in his inevitable relapse, and I hope the Angels are regretting that albatross of a contract in a matter of months, not years.

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