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04-06-2013, 03:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
The only reason I can see to stay away from that thread would be to avoid seeing Pens fans being partisan hacks. MDZ didn't 'throw' his elbow at all. He simply turned, and Neal's face collided with his shoulder. Unlucky. The end.

48 seconds in, that shoulder looks a lot like an elbow to me.

In any event, I agree it was not intentional. On the other hand it was reckless. I am sure MDZ knew he was there and had zero intent to concuss him. But no one ever does. It looked to me that he felt Neal coming, he actually glances back and sees him if you watch the video, and pushed both arms back elbow first to push him back, but he did it high. Aiming upward. Not intentional but certainly reckless. He was reckless enough that I could see, and actually expect, him to sit a game or two. You do not need to intend to injure someone, just like if you are reckless with your stick you can not expect the ref to let you slide if you cut someone. I really do not think that opinion is being a partisan hack.

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