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Originally Posted by vector209 View Post
Why did every team allow Jokinen to clear waivers?

It makes sense because in today's NHL, it's as much about cap management as it is about asset management, and especially coming into a season that's about to witness a cap crunch, Luongo's value is at an all time low. Teams know Gillis needs to shed salary to keep the Canucks complaint and they can make him sweat.

There's no reason to believe the proposed package is false unless you're angry at the fact that a lowball offer was rejected. Fans of this team need to accept the reality that at this time: Luongo's value is very, very low, and this isn't a goalie buyers market at the moment.
No one is angry. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Cap crunch is not a huge problem for this team - there are other candidates for buyouts (Ballard and Booth) that give the team some breathing room next year. Gillis can wait longer if need be to trade Luongo.

Luongo would have helped Nonis's Leafs in the playoffs this year. Essentially the rumoured deal has the Leafs getting Luongo for free. You have to think that Nonis would have accepted it - he's traded for him once before.

The rumour also doesn't mesh with what Gillis has maintained all along - that he's not willing to give Luongo away, and that he's willing to wait as long as it takes to get something that will help the team.

And to reiterate what I said earlier, that deal makes no sense at the deadline as it brings nothing to help Vancouver for the upcoming playoffs. It would have been a foolish thing for Vancouver to have proposed.

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