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04-06-2013, 05:36 AM
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Originally Posted by NYR135 View Post
Man those Pitt announcers are pretty bad. I've watched games on ROOT before but luckily tonight I was at home and could watch it on MSG. However, I just watched the replay of Nasher's goal on and noticed their color guy was going on and on after they scored about how Sutter "tried to play the puck with his hand and a penalty should've been called and whistled before the goal" UMMMMM.....this guy is paid to be a color analyst in hockey and didn't understand that:

1. Sutter's glove was closed around his stick, he tried to push the puck forward with his closed glove which is legal.
2. For a penalty to be called his hand would have to be off his stick, glove opened and to put his opened glove over the puck
3. For a play to be whistled down on a delayed penalty the team who committed the infraction would have to gain full control of the puck
4. Nobody on Pitt ever gained control of the puck
5. After Sutter "touched" the puck with his glove, Stepan gained control and passed it to Nash who scored.
6. Even if the refs were dumb enough to confuse the new rule with what Sutter did (which was totally legal) the play wouldn't have been blown down before the goal because Pitt never gained control of the puck.

And this guy is paid to "analyze" hockey for a television audience? Awful.
Lucky you. I had to listen to those boneheads the entire game (that pathetic NESN cast). Not only did they have bad knowledge, you could suspect they were relatives to Crosby. I was absolutely sure it was some Pittsburgh duo, which I'm used to being absolutely horrible, but then someone told me it was the NESN commentators(!).

According to them, Lundqvist was diving all night, Del Zotto was obviously intentionally elbowing Neal in the head, "Nash slashed Cooke, Nash slashed Cooke!", they talked about that NYR goal that never should've been a goal according to them for at least 5 minutes... do I need to continue? Probably not. Screamed their lungs out when Jokinen scored, while it sounded like their dog died when Nash scored. This is probably one of the worst casts I've had to endure.

No wonder Pittsburgh fans become so intolerable if they listen to - and follow the lead from - those two idiots.

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