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04-06-2013, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by TheKule View Post
It's only been 4 games. I'll say the same after 10 games too.

Come ***** to me when we hit 30 and are still hovering around .500.
Originally Posted by Suntouchable13 View Post
Those teams won the WS in those years.

The bottom line is this: every team in the MLB is going to have a stretch where they win 1 of 4 or 2 of 6. It's just way more magnified when it is happening at the begining of the season. When you're sitting at 45-25, losing 3 of 4 is not that magnified.
Originally Posted by dredeye View Post
I do hate that we lost this one. Hopefully, we can take the series win though.

Good god some people can't be happy or even patient for a week. AA needs to make trades blah blah blah. He's made enough of them this off season. How about we get a little into the season before we start to panic.
Originally Posted by stakesishigh View Post
I'm not too worried but it does suck to be losing.

Hopefully the pressure doesn't get to them for too long.
It's a long season, and you gotta trust it.

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