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04-06-2013, 07:59 AM
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Originally Posted by trilobyte View Post
The refusal to call the Penguins on those blatant hacks was a conscious decision to allow them.

That is what I find indefensible. The NHL does zilch, nada, nothing to discipline their officials.
Disgusting. They should be disciplined at a review.
Skating to a goaltender and slashing him on the hands, in isolation, with no call??
i didn't get to see the game. but it seems the pens just pulled their usual cynical cheap-shot garbage and the refs did their usual nothing to stop them and the rangers did their usual nothing to fight back. not good. i guess it's early to expect massive changes, but i was really hoping clowe might help stop this stuff. oh well...gotta give it time, i suppose.

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