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04-06-2013, 08:19 AM
Grant McCagg
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I saw Gauthier live more than any other prospect this season other than Gatineau's. Saw Gauthier six times live and Poirier at least 25.

I like Poirier, I've liked him since November as a second rounder. Do I like him more than Gauthier? They're close.

Poirier has some warts as well. He's a little knock kneed, and his lateral agility isn't great, he's often off balance, and falls a fair bit. He whiffs on a lot of shot because of his balance problems - he does not have great edges. Gauthier on the other hand will be a strong and powerful skater at the NHL level and is a few inches taller. Poirier has great straight ahead speed however..he averages a couple of breakaways per game I'd say. He has better vision and passing instincts than Gauthier, and is certainly a lot hungrier around the net.

Poirier is a better offensive player right now and Gauthier is a better defensive player now, and will be in the future because of his skating and reach. I would say Gauthier might be a safer pick as he looks like he'll be an NHL penalty killer at the very least..but if Poirier can improve his overall skating skills..he might have more offensive upside...he's pretty good defensively as well at the junior level..has good anticipation and a very quick stick even if he gets beat east-west fairly often.

We'll see how Gauthier looks against players his own age over the next couple of weeks. He still has a chance to redeem himself somewhat.

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