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04-06-2013, 08:24 AM
Randal Graves
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1.5 is UP!

Hey everyone, so as mentioned 1.5 is now on the server.

I've updated all the mods but haven't had a chance to test everything so please let me know if you any of the following happens:

- You see an enderman carrying a block
- You see an animal or mob trample a farm plot into regular dirt
- You can open other players locked items
- When placing down a chest/furnace it does NOT lock automatically for you
- Lightning causes fires
- Fire spreads like normal again

Also as previously mentioned the Nether will be deleted as soon as I can access the FTP site. I would suggest that if you sign out of the game this weekend do it near your house as the nether pathway system might be gone the next time you sign in.

Will have more updates in the afternoon (hopefully). Please let me know if you notice anything else not working or acting strangely. Thanks!

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