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04-06-2013, 09:19 AM
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If only there was precedent of players struggling in their second year ... oh wait ...

"There is nothing to see here folks" ...

Gardiner had an awesome rookie year, then the lockout, had the injury, and has lost his confidence since. He's gripping the stick too tight, trying to do too much, and it's not working. It's OK though - because it's something that has happened over 100 times to players in the league before. He'll be absolutely fine next year, and back on track to being a very good #2 or #3 Dman on the team.

As to RC - I see nothing to worry about, let alone the level of conspiracy theory panic on these boards.

Gardiner - this year - has been a liability in his own end. RC is not going to play a player that is a liability in his own end. Gardiner will be sheltered, and work on his defensive play in practice, maybe getting a few games with limited minutes. Gardiner and Carlyle (and the other coaches) have probably talked about what he needs to work on 25 times already, as every indication is that Carlyle is a very open coach. There is no evidence of any issue, other than BS spouted here and in blogs.

A career is not made as a point-in-time assessment. There is a learning curve, ups and downs, and RC has shown historically that he actually very good at managing that.

Kadri was sheltered with limited minutes even though he was lighting it up at the top of the year because RC was building his confidence, limiting the pressure. RC protected and was patient with guys like Getzlaf and Corey, Fowler and Ryan. Do you think going out and having bad game after bad game in the toughest market in hockey is good for a young players confidence?

Gardiner will be fine. RC and Gardiner are fine. Gardiner will be a regular next year, and be better for the experience of this year. The same curve, patience, and protection will happen with Reilly, Colborne, Biggs, etc.

When we these boards learn that a patient approach to players development is a good thing? I thought Kadri would have been the lesson.

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