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04-06-2013, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by KadoCH View Post
Great list always appreciate the effort.

I'm a little higher on Beaulieu's upside I think he's our top prospect, but he does have some defensive warts so can definitely understand the reservations.

Huge Hudon fan here having seen him play against the Moose a few times and a couple other Q games and at the Summit Series in Halifax in the Summer. Looked as good as any one out there for Canada or Russia in the summer and the kind of guy you don't have to watch for he just stands out making smart/creative/dangerous offensive plays it seems like every shift.

Really think the size won't be an issue if he bulks up and keeps working on his skating. Here's hoping.
thanks. I was higher on Beaulieu but watching him night in and night out with the Dogs I've grown a little more concerned over the defensive holes he has. That said he's a top prospect because of his natural skills mixed with solid physical abilities for a 20 year old. Take last nights game as an example, Beaulieu scores one and sets up the game winner but it was his poor pinch that led to the goal that tied it 2-2. I'm not sure fans/coaching staff are going to be too happy if those errors pile up and become costly if we continue to be a team that every point counts to remain at top. So with the stakes raised, it will be interesting to see what they do going forward. I was actually glad to see him sent down as I thought he was out of position on several occassions and feared what would happen if he cost us a vital game.

For me I'd like to see the Habs work closely with him and not rush him to the NHL, as I would say it's a safe bet that he's an NHL regular in the next few years since he can do so much, but I don't know what impact his defensive issues will have in the long run. He's certainly one of our top prospects because he can take over a game and he has a lot of tools to work with, but imo there's going to have to be a better balance between the impressive offensive zone play vs the not so impressive defensive play.

That said it's only his first full season as a pro and the skill is certainly there which is always good to see. I'd like to see him get more games with the Habs next year but still spend much of the season in Hamilton unless injuries hit the back end hard.

I never saw Hudon play before this season and I must say I wasn't expecting too much from him but have since been impressed every time i watch him play as he is so creative with the puck and just seems to have "it" in terms of what to do in the offensive zone. He's smart and skilled but also seems to work hard and doesn't seem to mind getting his nose dirty by going to the prime scoring areas with the puck (which is huge imo). I just hope to see him improve a lot with the lower body strength, if he could work on his core like Desharnais has then I love his chances of being not only a solid NHLer but perhaps a high scoring one which let's face it, getting another solid NHLer alone from another 5th round pick would be good enough when you think of how hard it is for any 5th round pick to even make a dent in the NHL. Will be very interesting to see how it goes for him over the next couple years.

Originally Posted by Draft View Post
Not sure why Thrower would even be in the Top 10 with how he's played this year. Not entirely sold on Bennett either. Maybe I'm being a little harsh.

I believe Nygren should be ahead of guys like Didier and MacMillan as well, he's had an outstanding year.

Leblanc is still one of the Habs best pro prospects, no reason he shouldn't be ahead of Hudon, Bozon and Bennett. Without injury he proved fairly well that he has a future in the NHL. Something those players have yet to do.

Beaulieu probably has the highest upside of that top 5 group, if that counts for anything.

Not sure what the hype is with Hudon. I realize the Canadiens had an undersized rookie be successful with the club this year but... I didn't feel Hudon's season was that great, 71 pts in 56 games. I honestly would like to be convinced otherwise but I don't see him as the next Desharnais or Gallagher. Hopefully with a good year next year it'll be possible.
Do you watch a lot of NCAA games? AHL games? How many Blades games did you happen to catch? What was it about Thrower that stood out to you? What do you think of Bennett's game?

For me in the games I saw of Thrower, I had concerns over his decision making in his own end at times but in the offensive zone he seems to know what to do and he brings a good mix of offensive skill to go with grit/physical play. He had a down year for sure but he was great the previous year and i'm counting on him having a good transition to the pro game next season. If Timmins saw something in him to draft Thrower that high, and he did rack up the points in his draft year, perhaps we should give him more time to see what he can do. Personally I like what i've seen enough to be excited about him being a pro for the Habs, although I must admit I don't put a lot of stock into CHL play good or bad as I get a better feel for them once they are in the AHL where I watch them night after night so we'll see as i could easily be wrong here.

I think Bennett is one of our more underrated prospects, although I do have my own concerns as his lack of size/strength/physical game may hamper him at the pro level. That said he's got outstanding mobility, moves so well and he's smart so he picks his spots well. He's also a very good puck mover but even better puck rusher as he uses his speed/mobility to get up ice in a hurry. He's made big strides in his defensive play although the lack of strength is where he's going to likely need to be put with someone big and strong ala Tinordi or somone like that. But until he turns pro it's anyones guess as to what he can do for us, I think he has top pairing upside as he can do most things well to very well but we'll have to see how it goes.

Nygren did have a breakout year for sure, he's older and I just don't know him that well so for me it's better to take caution as I have concerns over his defensive game and how he will do on the smaller ice. Didier I really like a lot, must admit it as i've seen him a number of times and while his upside likely isn't that high and his chances of being an impact NHLer may not be that good but he's a big boy already and at 19 he's likely not done fillling out. He moves really well for a big guy, he seems to enjoy throwing his weight around, have seen him throw some big hits. He also excells on the PK and blocking shots. I think he's someone that over time the Habs could really use. MacMillan has improved each year by a decent amount, he's got great speed/skating but also plays hard at both ends of the ice. Very good playmaker as well but shifty too. I do have big concerns about his lack of size/lower body strength as he is easily pushed off the puck but the Habs can take it slow with him and hopefully he improves physically over the next 3-4 years.

Leblanc I had to move down because he's looked so bad to me. I am not a stat guy, I watch as many games as possible year after year. I have been a big supporter of Leblanc as many around here should be able to confirm as I find he's played well enough at every level but this year he looks like a shell of himself as he's just not doing the things he did last year in Hamilton. I understand the injury issue and hopefully he can bounce back next year as I fully expect him to, but I must admit I have gotten much more concerned over his lack of lower body strength, skating, lack of top notch speed, overall strength issues that I did feel the need to drop him a few spots. If he rebounds next year and disspells my concerns then I will be more then happy to move him back up towards the top which is where I had him at the start of the year.

Hudon just flat out impresses me when I watch him, I really think he's going to be a good NHLer if he can overcome the lack of lower body strength and the injuries don't continue. He doesnt really play like DD or Gallagher, and at this stage it's too early in his development to really say for sure what kind of impact he can have at the pro level but for me I think that over the next couple years, things are going to look very good for Hudon if he can overcome the size/strength/injury issues.

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