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04-06-2013, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post
I personally think there is a big gap between Wolski and MJ. There is a big gap between Wolski and anyone not wearing #55 for that matter. My take tho.

I've always been an MP supporter once he played here. Wasn't hype on him before that but his hustle won me over and I never understood his constant doghouse action. I never bought into "well he plays a few great games and then flatlines". I was of the opinion most all NHL players are streaky.

I guess it depends what you believe Forsberg's top end potential is. Nowhere have I read that he has the nasty of Perry. I've heard he's a good competitor and doesn't mind physical play but he's not nasty. Just didn't come across as a guy who didn't mind dropping the gloves and playing chippy.

I'm actually hoping Wilson turns into more of a Bob Probert than Lucic. And not the cocaine part either.

Ouch Brad. I'm truly hurt here. You insinuate as if that person electively decided to create a new account instead of being forced to? Is that how you remember it?

I'd take your bait but I'd prefer to keep my account this time around. Trust me you don't want to go down that path. Getzlaf over Fehr, epic rant upon the Pothier signing, utter disgust at bringing aboard an aging Nylander for that contract etc. There is a long list of things here.

Fact is I admit when I'm wrong. I have long being flying the "fire McPhee" banner before it suddenly became fashionable. I hated the Poti signing at first and ate my words when he became a stable influence for the team.

Thats more that can be said about alot of other posters.
Eh, things have changed (I also got a lifetime ban from the Old Caps boards, due to my calling for George's head back in 2003, but we are digressing). MaJo has youth on his side....were he 27, he'd be a problem. At 22, he still has "time" on his side.

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