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04-06-2013, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
There are a lot of differences of opinion on Avery here. He was definitely not loved by all Rangers fans. That being said the 'dirty player' rep was way overblown. Can't think of one player whose career he ended with a cheap or even a legal hit. There was not a long line (or even much of a line) of players who had to go to the emergency room or even a hospital because of him. His one suspension in his career wasn't for an on ice incident but for mouthing off about an ex girlfriend. He was an agitator who played a very aggressive physical game (for his size anyway) with a no holds barred mouth. He was very good if not the best at that--and sometimes he'd skate away rather than face the music. There's no doubt a lot of players hated him but it was more about hurt feelings than anything else. He wasn't Ulf Samuelsson, Darius Kasparaitis, Patrick Kaleta or Matt Cooke.
not at all... Avery was alot like Esa Tikkanen... Tikkanen

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