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04-06-2013, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Richter Scale View Post
Making an exception to enter this thread to make these two posts. I know you weren't hoping for an answer from a Torts "apologist/defender" because it would actually force the people spreading this lie to back up what they say... But they haven't - and they can't - so they won't; and will just continue to ignore you. Here is something from earlier in the thread (debunking this myth):

Based on all of that, it would seem that the conventional wisdom spread around here about Torts stiffling offense is actually completely wrong - and the opposite might in fact be true. You mean to tell me that playing a good defensive game, a good neutral zone game, and a hard forecheck can actually produce... GASP offense!?!

No... Can't be... I mean, after all, that is exactly what Torts says! And we all know how much that guy sucks.
This thread is more a sounding board for people who dislike the coach than it is a place for any rational or "all encompassing" discussion. When the team wins, nobody posts. When they lose, the thread is full of complaints. Posts about how much Torts sucks get quoted on and on and cheered along even if they offer absolutely nothing in the way of logic or examples. Posts that question the Tort sucks narrative get lost.

I've had to read about how Torts is going to ruin the new guys dozens of times in a handful of different threads. I've yet to hear any counter argument to all of these examples of players that either improved their production or held their previous production under Torts. That's fine in and of itself, but it's pretty frustrating to have those posts completely ignored and then keep reading the same stuff about Torts stifling everyone over and over and over.

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