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04-06-2013, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by angry_treefrog View Post

People throw that term around as though it actually means something deeply profound.

Guess what, it means nothing absolute - because noone really knows (outside of a Crosby/Ovechkin draft) who the best player is. In the world outside of EA Sports video games, BPA is a subjective measurement - not an objective one.

The best player in this draft may not be McKinnon, Drouin or Jones. Maybe it ends up being Nichushkin... maybe someone else.

You can get pro scouts & your hockey ops to formulate educated opinions and rank players. It's a fairly safe bet their #3 ranked player will turn out better than their #60 (although not a guarantee). It's far less a sure thing that their #3 will turn out better than their #4. It's not an exact science... which is why I think GMs tend to be less excited about the 'tank' concept than us fans. They know that moving up a slot or two in the draft may not pay off IF they draft the wrong guy - which can happen even after all the scouting they draft the consensus 'BPA'.

If you have a scenario where Tallon & company feel that Jones is head & shoulders better than everyone else left on the board - take him. No brainer.

Bottom line is that I think that's not likely to be the case. Jones seems like a very good player, but not a generational one. If it's between him and Drouin, MacKinnon or another forward that Tallon really likes, it would be foolish to ignore team needs and the realities of running a business.
I agree with the principle that BPA is often a convuluted and mis understood term, defined within different measurements, but your second point somewhat contradicts the former.

The scouts should go with who they believe to be the BPA. Who they believe that is, i do not know. I have my own hierarcy of wishes here, as do you, and every poster, but the repetition of these ideas in discussion with BPA shouldn't be confused with the simple concept ; the scouts should select who they believe is the BPA. Simple as that.

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