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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Hehe is there one? Prust? He's scoring more than ever in MTL...

On a more serious objective note, I definitely think that Torts can be an excellent people coach. Motivator. Pushing a team to the level it takes to win a cup. Far from all coaches in the league have that.

But I definitely doubt (the correct word) if he in terms of X and Os, puts a team that just is miles less drilled than the other teams in the East.

I am no hockey wiz who have been around for ever. But I've followed this league closely, and especially the POs, for 20 years. You need to be more or less PERFECT to WIN a cup. Torts game plan was spot on 04'. Before the lockout. With the red line offside which took away and option of being creative in the neutralzone along with the clutching and grabbing.

Torts is not perfect in terms of game plan 2013. I would put him in the bottom 10 if not 5 among the 30 coaches. Our passing game is just horrible, it really shows on the PP but also in other areas. Other teams has put a ton of focus on being able to keep the puck within the their team and carry the momentum instead of focusing solely on cutting down on misstakes. And they have worked a that for years. We have done the opposite. Kept pucks along the boards in areas where it don't cost you if you loose it (like the game was played in 04').

So I definitely have huge concerns re Torts. It also pisses me of that he fails to take a couple of steps away from the bench and see what the successful teams in our mold are doing. His ego is obviously in the way from him doing so. Hell keep trashing the players instead and blame them for every loss.
Prust also went from being an extra forward scoring single digit point totals to a valuable bottom 6 piece under Torts.

I can't agree with "bottom 10 if not 5 among 30 coaches" at all. He's not top 5 by any means, but come on. Last year his team had 109 points, was second in the league in point percentage, 11th in goals/game and third in goals against/game. Yeah, Hank was in god mode, but he wasn't scoring goals and he had a smart, hard-working team defense in front of him. As much as people love to push last year off as the aberration - last year was a normal season and this year is a last minute bastardized season. This year is an aberration by definition. I don't mean to imply that this team is a 109 point, ECF team from now on, becuase that remeains to be proven and/or seen, but this season is the weird one. Last year, this coach crafted a gameplan that fit his roster perfectly and a lot of players (Hank, Gaborik, Callahan most notably) had the best seasons of their careers in that system. That's not bottom 5 coaching.

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