Thread: News Article: No Hearing For Del Zotto
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04-06-2013, 12:30 PM
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Interesting hit. Not clear what DZ is thinking. My best guess is he is bracing for/responding to the hit in his back he knows is coming. Both his arms swing back as he does so.

Neal is skating at an angle to DZ. Neal first impacts DZ's back and then his head immediately impacts DZ's upper R arm, which is swinging back.

Hard to argue DZ clearly intended to hit Neal in the head. First, he loses sight of Neal, making it hard to aim the shot, and second, he swings both arms, which argues against a pre-meditated shot with the right one. It looks more like both arms swing as part of his jump.

However, you could say it was a reckless play to swing the arms up like that.

I hate to see them get hit in the head.

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