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Originally Posted by ErnieLeafs View Post
Just because people have doubts, doesn't mean they don't want these kids to succeed. It's a common misconception around here, although there are those that will pit one player against another for trolling purposes, but that's the menality of some.

I want Biggs and Percy to do well, but I don't have to like the way we reached for both, and lost a trade in terms of value to make one of those reaches.

That said, Biggs has 1pt in the playoffs, and he should be more known for his scoring (relative to his draft position, and his physical dominance of his competition) than his beating up 17+18 year olds.

Percy never stood out to me for any reason, other than he rarely played like a bonehead, which isn't a reason to take a 2nd round player in the 1st.

I do hope they improve, and become valuable assets, whether in blue and white, or as trade chips.
Totally fine if you feel that way.

I too was not in favor of trading up to get these players since there were other talented players available with our 3 picks.

However, if we had not selected Biggs/Percy where we did, they would not be available when we picked. There were a number of teams interested in selecting them.

Since this is the case, I have to believe that the scouts and GM's of our team and other teams saw something in Biggs/Percy that we haven't.

Also, Biggs's max potential reminds of Roberts in the good old days when we made playoffs and beat the snot out of teams. Biggs may never be that player, but a guy ca hope

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