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Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
With the exception of Joe Klukay, who I am still researching, I have managed to update all of the profiles to a standard that I feel is sufficient. After doing some research on Boris Mikhailov in The Red Machine, I am satisfied that he is the right choice for captain of this team. Mikhailov was known as an assertive leader who was a workaholic personally, and who wasn't afraid of dressing down his teammates for poor performances. As I value active more than passive leadership, I think Mikhailov is ultimately a better choice than Bourque to wear the C on this team. I have added the relevant excerpt from the book to the linked Mikhailov bio.

I still have some documents to sift through in my research of Joe Klukay, so that one may not get done until after the regular season voting is over.
I wasn't able to write a lot of good bios this year (even though I wanted to do a sharp job on bios before the draft , my lack of time and basically concentration made it impossible for me to do around the middle of the draft) , so thanks for updating them.

Also , you are a freak.You know more about a lot of my players than me.WTF.

EDIT: And why/how are you always appearing offline anyways?

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