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04-06-2013, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by quackquackquack View Post
The officiating has been getting consistently worse. Again I think hockey is a sport where you can't complain about the officiating all that much but for christ's sake what is it going to take to get a game that is officiated right down the middle. I have no problem with our penalties called against us. They were reckless and stupid. But Dallas committed 4-5 super obvious penalties that were just shrugged off. Mainly the Cogs one.

The reffing didnt lose us the game, we played bad, BUT, the refs sure made certain that we couldnt get back in it. I for one am pissed at the inconsistencies, golagoski has an obvious deliberate offside with a shot on net, puck is dropped outside OUR blue line!! I remember Winnik getting called on an intentional when he dumped the puck round the boards and the faceoff was all the way back in out zone! :-/

Whats really hard to swallow is the stuff they missed, which was so obvious, the trip on Teemu, cogs getting dragged down, Sourays so called "board", PLEASE!!!! Roussel running around like a tough guy, diving when pushed and fights one of our smallest guys, a rookie at that! I think there were a number of hits by the stars that 100% would have been called a late hit if it were a duck making the hit!!
Also form last game, the high stick on Beleskey and Perry getting his stick slashed in two!!

Subjectively lets say they are not biased and are calling/ missing things both ways, in general the refs are blowing games to a degree thats worthy of an adult film award!!!!!!!!

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