Thread: News Article: No Hearing For Del Zotto
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04-06-2013, 02:32 PM
Barbara Underhill
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Originally Posted by eagleeyes View Post
This whole argument I keep reading about "intent" from both sides Pens fans and Rangers fans means nothing. It doesn't matter whether it was his intent to hurt Neal or just his intent to make a hit. Him seeing Neal coming and leaving his feet while snapping both his arms backwards is a dangerous play. The main thing here is he left his feet and made contact with Neal's head. That is a dangerous play and directly resulted in an injury. Intent should only matter after it has been decided he will be disciplined, then it comes into play one how severe his discipline should be.
Not exactly, those types of plays happen multiple times a game. We don't need to be suspending players for accidental contact. He probably deserved a penalty, similar to when a players stick rides up and clips someone. That's about as far as it should go.

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