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04-06-2013, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR135 View Post
Isn't that only if you touch the puck before it touches a stick? Plus the way Sutter did it, with his had still fully on his stick, I don't know if any ref would've called it. My main point was them going on and on about how it should've been a goal because of a penalty, without realizing that the Penguins never got control of the puck so the play would've never been whistled down.

What's wrong about it? Isn't the penalty in the faceoff circle only called if you touch the puck with your glove before it touches a stick? Even so, Champ, my main point was that a penalty wouldn't be whistled down until the Penguins got control of the puck anyway.
I agree - the Pitt announcers were god awful, and it was annoying that instead of really showing the goal replay, they were harping about the non-penalty; but you are just wrong here. You need to go read the rule book before you act (for a second time) like you know what you're talking about. Your first post was wrong, and what you're now claiming your "main point" was is wrong. So stop calling people 'champs' and acting like a badass who has a clue. Cuz you don't.

The new faceoff rules are as follows (Rule 76):

76.4 Procedure - Centers:

Both players facing-off are prohibited from batting the puck with their hand in an attempt to win the face-off. Any attempt by either center to win the face-off by batting the puck with their hand shall result in a minor penalty. This penalty shall be announced as a "Minor Penalty for Delay of Game - Face-off Violation." Once the face-off is deemed complete (and winner of the face-off is clear), hand passes shall be enforced as per Rule 79."
1. It doesn't matter if the puck had hit a stick first, there was no clear winner of the faceoff at that point, so a handpass would have been a penalty. This penalty has already been called a few times this year despite the puck hitting a player's stick first because the faceoff had yet to be cleanly won.

2. Nor does your "main point" matter about possession of the puck. If Sutter touched the puck with his glove before the faceoff had been won by either party, the penalized team (Sutter is on the Pens) would have inherently touched the puck. The play would have been blown dead immediately if the ref thought it was penalty worthy.

This is not hard to understand. Stop embarassing yourself by calling someone trying to correct you a "champ" and talking down to him.

Here is a video of what they are trying to eliminate from the game with this rule: link.


All of that said, my guess is the reason it wasn't called is that Sutter didn't actually win the faceoff with this method. He may have touched the puck, but didn't use a batting motion, and obviously lost the faceoff. That, or the ref just missed it. Either way, the point is moot since Sutter didn't win the faceoff, and the Rangers got a goal - so be happy with the outcome. The Pens announcers were just being homers trying to find a reason why the goal shouldn't have counted. Get over it.

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