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Originally Posted by markrander87 View Post
My goaltending is overall slightly below average, i'll ask teams like Chicago and Pittsburgh how important that is.
Hainsworth is likely among the bottom 5 starters in this draft - he's in the mix with guys like Harry Lumley and Gump Worsley. That's not slightly below average.

Go ask Chicago. They'll tell you that their goaltending is a big reason for their success, Crawford is having a great season, and Emery is looking like a legit starter again.

As already mentioned Svedberg is a more then capable number 4 and I have him on my bottom pairing with an ideal partner in Hajt.
Svedberg is essentially a complete mystery. The fact that he didn't dominate the Swedish league should be a huge red flag.

My 3 centers are Ted Kennedy, Duke Keats and Henrik Sedin mix in Rousseau and I have more then enough playmaking to go around.
Sedin is a legit playmaker. Kennedy is basically a grinder. Keats is more of a goal scorer than playmaker.

Defensive players? So because you loaded up on one dimesional "defensive players" thats a bonus? My defensive players are all multi dimensional and can defend as well as score. Kennedy, Rousseau, Keats, Watson, Marleau, Kasper. Please 3/4 of my forwards are known for their defensive play.
Every team needs their role-players, and you don't have them. In key defensive situation, you don't have the personnel to be successful.

For starters, you're using two rushing defensemen as you shut-down pair. They are either going to lose a huge chunk of their offensive production, which is their best asset, or they'll be very prone to odd-man rushes. Either way, it's certainly not an ideal situation.

As for the defense of your forwards, there's a big difference between a guy who is "not bad" defensively and a guy who should be killing penalties.

The fact that you need to use Red Kelly as a forward on the PK is very telling.

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