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04-06-2013, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Pepper View Post
That's EXACTLY the problem. When you defend our toughness by saying Belesky hasn't been beaten badly, it highlights the problem.

Belesky can hang on and throw an occasional punch but he's not a deterrent, he's not a tough guy, he's just a player who can defend himself.

Your claim that all current tough guys are like Belesky is just 100% wrong.

And a huge part of 07 SC winning team was the toughness, it was the part that set them apart from others. It's not like "yeah it was a great team AND they were tough", it was a great team (partly) BECAUSE they were tough and mean.

You people seem to think toughness is some sort of weird sideshow of the game when it actually is a huge part of the game.
Deterrent from who? That's my point. The few fighters in the West are guys like Brown, Tootoo and Konopka. Guys that are Belesky's size. But aside from that when have we played a team that challenged us physically and beat us this year? We've only been beaten nights when we made mistakes and weren't moving our feet. Look at last night, easily outplayed the Stars but a combination of stupid mistakes, goal posts and a goalie who stood on his head lead to us losing. Dallas didn't wear is down or intimidate us.

The comparisons to the 06-07 team needs to stop. That was a different team, a different coach just a different time. That was how that group of players needed to play. This group doesn't. Clearly. If we were in the middle of the pack fighting for a playoff spot I might agree with you. But we're one of the best teams and it's because of the way we play and the players we have. I think that's what has been holding this team back the last few years is them trying to emulate the 06-07 team. They're doing pretty fine being the team they are right now.

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