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04-06-2013, 03:42 PM
Mike McDermott
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Originally Posted by Djp View Post
I see the last 1/2 playoff spot(s) up for grabs going into the final game.

because of 15 teams one team cant play. The rest can and should.

i look at this similar to world cup soccer schedules when the final games are designed to happen at the same time for compitititve reasons.

If you think of the battle as being 2 playoff spots for the 3 NYC teams NYI play at Buffalo and NJ and NYR play each other. If the islanders are 1 pt back and NJ and NYR are in 7th and 8th...if the islanders lose first to Buffalo then NJ and NYR are in so they arent necessarily trying to win ---they may be trying to lose for playoff matchups. Had the islander won then they have a playoff spot to fight for. Thus these two games should happen at the same time.
So the nhl is supposed to know when they schedule who's going to be fighting for the final playoff spots and schedule them at the same time?

As long as I've been a hockey fan I can't remember a season where every team played the last day of the season. Heck it is rare that all teams play on a single day any point in the season.

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