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Originally Posted by WeekendAtBernies View Post
No, actually you didn't. What you did was:
a) State quite clearly your opinion that

b) Inaccurately state that When in actuality, **** charges are statistically more likely to be thrown out when a female judge is presiding.

c) Again incorrectly imply that the judge didn't want to hear the girl's story. The judge already knew her story. The fact of the matter is, much like in America, when you have a he said-she said case with little / no physical evidence and no witnesses to corroborate the victim's story, it is often thrown out because there's no chance of obtaining a conviction, or any conviction that is obtained would later be thrown out by an appellate court because the conviction was based on the emotional response of the jury to the victim and not on careful consideration of the evidence.

The case was dismissed because it was unlikely to obtain a conviction, not because the victim had a change of heart and recanted her story, not because some magical evidence exonerating Cousins came forward, but because there was no evidence proving what happened wasn't consensual other than the girl's word.

Your statements in this thread are made in haste and make it appear that you're willing to throw a potential victim under the bus to protect the good name of Nick Cousins because he's a prospect for our NHL team. You're implied several times that the victim was/is lying and I think you should just step back for a second and re-evaluate your position or how you're communicating your position

I think we can all (hopefully) agree that if he did do something wrong, it's a shame he's getting off without being punished.

Given the fact that none of us know what really happened, I think we can all also be happy that Nick Cousins has a chance to play for our team rather than rotting in jail.

And I think we can all agree that based on what we know (or don't know) he deserves to be treated fairly going forward and not have this brought up over and over and over.

With that being said, there's no reason whatsoever to even bring "what ifs" involving a victim being a liar / throwing the victim under the bus into this thread or any other discussion involving Cousins. Period, the end. There's no need for your comments involving the victim.

And with that said, I'm done talking about the Cousins case.

Getting back on topic: Way to go Flanagan and I hope Laughton doesn't get suspended.
I never once mentioned the victim lied, or suggested it... other than to say there may have been regret. It looks like the judge had the same opinion. I honestly dont care either way. You seem to be taking this way too personal. For me its hard to get fully on or off the Cousins bandwagon without wondering a bit what happened. That appears to be way too much to handle for some here. Like i said..Dont care. I was just bringing up possibilities. Not condemning a victim.

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