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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
No need to worry, Eller won't be traded. There's just no logical reason to do so. Too much depth at centre? Remember 2-3 years ago when the problem was a LACK of depth at the centre position? Now the Habs have one too many and they NEED to trade one. That's just not how good asset management works.

As for as his mistakes and liability on the ice in terms of using his linemates, I'll say this; Karlsson in Ottawa is a prime example of what should be done with young players who are paving their way into the NHL. Two years ago, Karlsson was a -30 and made more defensive errors than MAB (okay, maybe not THAT bad). What did the coach do? He kept playing him. The coaching and management staff wanted him to know that the ONLY WAY TO EVOLVE AS A PLAYER is to make mistakes and learn from them. How did he respond? Scoring 78 points the following season and winning the Norris trophy.

I'm not saying Eller will be up for a Hart trophy at any point in his career, but to say, "Well, he makes mistakes and doesn't use his linemates. Too many C, he's the first to go," that's simply a very poor statement to make. He'll make his mistakes and he'll learn from them, adapt, and become better each season. The defensive side of his game, which I believe is NOT a weakness, will continue to gradually get better. Notice when it's time to back-check, he's the first one to hustle back and even up the odds during an odd-man rush.

This is a case of "why are we even debating this?" Eller is a player the Habs will keep, continue to develop and he'll blossom. Will he be a 2nd or 3rd line centre? Does it really matter? Either way, the Habs will have a solid top 9 with Plekanec, Galchenyuk, Eller, Desharnais all in the mix.
Huuuuge post. This should be quoted after every "trade Lars" post.

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