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04-06-2013, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by 5minsforfighting View Post
Ohh boy, I have a feeling there is something completely wrong with these last two posts above...

P.S. maybe its just generation, sorry...
must be. i see a tough and resilient team. they push to come back if they are down. they take sticks to the face and come back. they hit, they cycle and battle to win. the people complaining that they don't fight enough are redundant and , in my opinion, ignorant.

i like teams that win which this team has excelled at. i don't mind fighting but i enjoy hitting much more and this team does plenty of that. you play a game that allows you to win, be it fast with skill, cycle or overt toughness.

you guys point out 5 times a day how this team is soft, yet you want them to play a game that doesn't give them the best chance to win. you want us to trade away a winning formula to get goonish players that fight and are borderline dirty when we already get screwed on calls most nights. it makes no sense to me, but it must be because im old or young or whatever you think i am.

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