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Originally Posted by Latgale_fan View Post
It's not pathetic, people are not robots. And these are hockey players, especially ones who previously played in Belarus leagues etc. where nobody gave ***** about them and now they're in the spotlight playing for Dinamo. They are not actors, singers, politicians etc. who are supposed to be in the public's eye all the time and look at many celebrities who have gone wacko just because they can't handle ''the haters''.

Doesn't mean that players can't be criticized but honestly most of the world's hockey fans are dumb and not only hockey fans. Most of the world's population is dumb and therefore the same applies to any group of people.
Yes, our poor players that were dragged down to DR by force, forced to play in front of a big crowd and not only that but also the fans criticized those poor souls.

I'm sorry but they chose to be ice-hockey players(!), they chose to earn their living by playing hockey (!) and they chose to play for DR!
Your saying it as if it wasn't their dream to play in front of a bigger crowd and become more famous than they've ever been while playing in Belarus leagues.

And of course that ice-hockey players belong in the same spotlight with singers, politicians etc. The only reason they are playing ice-hockey in Latvia, is because Latvians love ice-hockey, and ice-hockey is regularly in the spotlight in our country( It's very popular).

And also, because there are stupid people in the world, wouldn't it mean that our players shouldn't take much notice to most criticism they get anyways? If Cipulis reads the comments made in after each game he plays, and therefore gets upset, it's purely his own stupidity and fault. If this were to be true, then that is Pathetic.

What I found more pathetic is purely the fact that he also complained about it. He really believed his comments will change anything??

Good criticism must remain but bad criticism will remain anyways (no matter what).

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