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04-06-2013, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by TheJoeMan View Post
Deterrent from who? That's my point. The few fighters in the West are guys like Brown, Tootoo and Konopka. Guys that are Belesky's size. But aside from that when have we played a team that challenged us physically and beat us this year? We've only been beaten nights when we made mistakes and weren't moving our feet. Look at last night, easily outplayed the Stars but a combination of stupid mistakes, goal posts and a goalie who stood on his head lead to us losing. Dallas didn't wear is down or intimidate us.

The comparisons to the 06-07 team needs to stop. That was a different team, a different coach just a different time. That was how that group of players needed to play. This group doesn't. Clearly. If we were in the middle of the pack fighting for a playoff spot I might agree with you. But we're one of the best teams and it's because of the way we play and the players we have. I think that's what has been holding this team back the last few years is them trying to emulate the 06-07 team. They're doing pretty fine being the team they are right now.
This analysis is spot on. Especially the bolded at the end. Some people around here are like baseball fans who hate that their team is built around pitching, speed, and defense. It's boring to them even if the team is winning. They would rather lose 8-6 games and then complain their pitching and defense let them down again.

If any of you saw BB's interview after the game last night he made a very telling comment about the team needed to not mouth off at the refs. He said something to the effect that the team has had that reputation for a while. The guy who coached in the east and couldn't find Anaheim with a map knew we whined to the refs constantly. More than likely that played into how other teams played against us. Push us around a little, throw in a face wash and watch us self explode into bad penalties and poor play. And that's exactly the way some here want this team to continue playing.

The success this team has had is due in no small part to having gotten away from that type of game. Kudos to BB for building a winner by fixing what was wrong.

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